Thursday, November 19, 2009

Book Review of a Best Seller from Eckhart Tolle

Book:The Power of Now

Author: Eckhart Tolle.

Have you ever picked up a book, feeling unsure about how it's going to be? But,as you begin to flip through the pages, it begins to grip your attention, as you begin to see every aspect of your life in a new light. The more you read it, the more you feel like a portal opening up into an unknown domain, yet it's possibly the best thing that could ever happen to you. Now, as you try to folllow what this book is saying, you realize it's transmutation power as it begins to permeate through every aspect of your life.
That's the power of now.The essence of this book is none other than the power ,of your presence.

The reason I chose this book as my first post, is it is one of those rare books which have true transformational power. It has truly touched all aspects of my life,just as it has touched millions of other people world wide. Since it was first published , it went on to become an underground best seller and has been translated into 30 different languages, catapulting it to the position of New York times best seller list and to the world stage.Perhaps it is the best testimonial to the success of the person, who has shown the world how to go beyond the mind and the success it can bring.

According to the author Eckhart Tolle, all of us confuse ourselves as the ego or the mind, as propounded by Descartes's famous saying"Cogito Ergosum" which in English means "I think, therefore I am". This is the core error. We are in fact consciousness, God or being , the one life force that is present through out the universe.

The mind is merely masquerading as the true being. It is conditioned by the past and loves to be in the past or the future.The power of consciousness can be accessed only in the now, the present moment. According to Eckhart Tolle, the mind is dysfunctional. We don't recognize it merely because all of us are suffering from the same disease. The Power of Now says,"The collective egoic mind is the most dangerously insane and destructive entity ever to inhabit this planet, and is now destroying the planet that sustains it".This can be deeply unsettling for some readers, as it threatens their identity, who they think they are.
But if they really choose to follow the book, and allow presence to come into their lives, they will realize the truth said plainly in the words of this book. Eckhart Tolle shows three ways in which we can allow presence to come into our lives
1. Be a witness to your thoughts 2. Focus on your breathing 3. Feel the inner body.
All three of them are equally powerful and can be practiced in our daily lives.
The chapter which caught my attention was on Enlightened Relationships.I have been in relationships and I have seen people being in relationships.Have you ever asked yourself why do relationships get soured after the initial euphoria?What changes after marriage?

The Power of Now says, true love relationships cannot exist as long as we operate primarily through the mind.Love relationships actually turn into love/hate relationships.Ego is very cunning and resorts to all sorts of emotional balckmailing and drama if it's needs are not met. Emotional clinging and neediness are other aspects which we can see in relationships today.When both partners bring presence into their relationship they can bring peace, joy and love comes into their home.

Birth and death, creation and destruction are part of the cycle of life. It is true for a star, a planet, a tree,the biggest mountains and all relationships.When we resist change in our lives, we actually go against the flow of life itself,and cause suffering. Acceptance of the now brings peace. After dissolution there is another cycle of growth. Only in the now we have creativity. Only in the now we have life .Only in the now we have love.

Even if I have failed to convey to you the true essence of this book, I want you to consider this now.Imagine having no memory of your past from this moment and no future .This is the only moment you have today . How much free would you feel? How much joy would you feel once you are unburdened by the heavy emotions that you carry inside you? Let me know your comments below and if you choose to read the book or have already done so..let me know your story..




  1. Nice One.. yeah very true if a person remain in present, only joy left.. Its like if we release our past karmas whom impressions are still in mind,the thing only left is only of which we are made up of.that is LOVE...And atlast ..we may realize ourselves.. God Bless you..n take care..

  2. I taught myself to feel the ‘presence’ as explained in the book – I actually felt my feeling..or rather I felt me feeling those feelings. When the feelings were not so pleasant I could feel the physical upheavals they caused in me…painful at times. While witnessing my thoughts, I stopped myself from feeling those feelings; I stopped myself from thinking those things. Replacing those with more pleasant thoughts. It was easy. But I always contemplated on this question- should I continue to think about the unpleasantness completely and get over with it and should I just stop midway and avoid feeling the pain. I tried both. And concluded - feeling it completely helps in a long way. And it takes a very long time to teach yourself this. But its worth it. The joy & peace which follows cannot be explained. I may not be completely at peace right now….but I’m getting there. Thank you..for bringing ‘Power of Now’ to me. Stay Blessed.

  3. Hi Nayana, I am glad you reached that conclusion.By replacing the thoughts we just give them more power and it contunues the process of compulsive thinking. By feeling your emotions completely and listening to that voice in yor head without judgement you cut that repetitive cycle.Even, if you do that once successfully,for a second, you will get the glimpse of the peace and joy that comes with God realization.
    I suggest you read the section "From Mind Energy to Spiritual Energy" in chapter 10(The meaning of surrender)in the book The Power of Now.

    Love and Peace,

  4. Hi Anupam.. Great Job.. Well pple generally read the book directly bt i was explained all d contents and methods of the book on phone.. Obviously by u.. I mean thre r lot of things i knew jst widout readin it.. hehe.. Wel i agree and i shd say tht one shd read this book for sure as it has helped me a lot in many of my cases.. I jst implement all thses things and at d end ofthe day i find my self saying.. huh hw did this miracle happened Vineeta.. Anyway keep givin me such knowledge.. ITS POWER OF NOW!! :D

  5. Thanks :) I 'm glad you found it helpful

  6. hi Anupam...thanks for sharing the gist about this book. It makes us realize the importance of being in "present". Otherwise there are so many thoughts running through our mind at any given point of time.
    I am motivated to read this book and thanks for passing on the same to me.

  7. After I went through the blog (referred to me by one of your friend) I had an argument on 'ego' with this friend. And now I am tempted to read this book. The blog is very explanatory and I would defineately look up the book. Gook Luck.

  8. I was never really interested in reading such books, but your blog truly inspires. Some of the statements that caught my attention:

    1."Ego is very cunning and resorts to all sorts of emotional balckmailing and drama if it's needs are not met". - This is when i think we end up being bad unintentionally.
    2."Acceptance of the now brings peace" - Very true.
    3."Only in the now we have life" - That pretty much sums everything.

    Keep up the good work Buddy :)