Sunday, December 6, 2009

Book Review of a Best Seller from Napolean Hill

Book: Think and Grow Rich
 Author: Napolean Hill

Think and grow rich has probably resulted in more number of millionaires than any other book in history. Since it was first published in 1937, around the time of the great depression,it has inspired several individuals to rise above mediocrity to unfathomable wealth and continues to do so till this day.

Napolean Hill was probably one of the first authors on the subject of Law of attraction, even before that term had been coined.This book can be used for manifestation of wealth, gaining confidence, love,overcoming anxiety and depression, healing physical illnesses etc.

Napolean Hill wrote not just a self help book, but a manual, which needs to be read and re read again and again, until the principles get completely absorbed by the mind.
Any person, who chooses to spend time in reading this book, will find his life transformed. For in the pages lie the secret to wealth,abundance and prosperity, which have been gathered through painstaking work for 25 years by the author, by studying the lives of 500 highly successful people of his time. The list includes Ford, Edison and Carnegie, who had very humble beginnings like the author himself.

The beauty of the book is that it doesn't give out the secret in loud and clear text. Instead it is found, between the lines.It is for the reader to discover the secret fully. Whoever reads the book will find that the principles can be applied to everything in life and not just for creating wealth.
But wealth is what most of us desire.
We want to be wealthy, or we want wealth + happiness, or wealth+ happiness + love..The +s can go on.
But here are a few questions we should ask ourselves:
  • Do we truly know what we desire? Do we know what we love to do? Do we know what is our purpose?
  • Do we have a plan to execute that purpose? Do we have a burning desire to see that our desires are fulfilled?
  • Do we have confidence in ourselves?Do we have faith in ourselves or in God?
  • Do we have the persistence to keep on going when the going gets tough? 
Napolean Hill says, if the answer to any of the questions is no, then we are in the way of the manifestation of our desires.How long will we sit at the fences and accept what life doles out to us and keep hoping for good luck? It's time we start making our own luck and this book shows us how.

The author says all desires start with an idea , a thought, and our thoughts determine our destiny.Either we control our mind or it controls us.True riches lie in the deep recesses of the mind and not in the banks.
By accessing the mind power we can manifest all our desires.
It doesn't matter where we are, what is our education, this mind power is accessible to each and every human being in equal measure. The only thing is that can we realize this power?People who have , have risen to great heights, and people who chose fear, have been swept out.
We can start by managing our thoughts and repeating them again and again, until they become deeply grooved in our thought patterns

By doing meditation on good thoughts, loving thoughts of health,wealth and abundance for us and everyone around us we can create our own life ,as beautiful as we want it to be. We can become free from anxiety, depression and ill health and become full of confidence and life and bask in prosperity.

Let's discover this power in ourselves.

NB: I will talking at length on affirmations in my future posts.(D8UQ8UAMWRSF)


  1. ‘Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds...' So sang the great Bob Marley.
    Sometimes there is a feeling which is somewhat oppressed or hard-done-by. It seems we are forever caught up in a struggle with some heavy force, or figure in our world which reminds us of our restrictions and limitations. And unknowingly we let it get better of us.
    The books which you are recommending are great help for working on the said ‘mental slavery’. These books may not help change the situation which we live or might even not free us from the constant struggle we endure everyday. But they definitely help see things from a different perspective and thus happens - the change in our attitudes. It happened with mine.
    That’s what should happen, right Anupam? Good work! Keep it up! And Stay Blessed.

  2. Hi Nayana,
    I can understand what you mean.Usually the perception is that, books cannot change our lives. Yes, it is true. Only we can change/improve our lives. The books just give us the guidelines.
    The limitations in our lives are defined by the boundaries that we define for ourselves, and they are determined by our perception.
    So even if one of these books is able to change our perception a little bit, we can say we have taken a step in improving our lives.
    Ultimately , it's the individual steps that count and make our destiny.



  3. Hi Anupam,

    I'm responding to the comment you left on my blog about genuinely liking other people.

    It is hard sometimes when you do not like somebody. However, the world is filled with people whom you do not like and people who do not like you. If you do not feel like putting on a smile, the best thing you can do is to phase things in the most positive light.

    For example, you might think person A is rude, but if you think of this in a positive manner, person A might be being forthright.

    This may help change your view of that person and improve your relationship with him or her as a whole.