Monday, January 25, 2010

Let's Love

I was just browsing on the net on topics on love, real love etc.That's when I cam across this site, which is dedicated to unconditonal love. How wonderful is that!
The amazing thing is, that it defines what I personally find undefinable. The usual definitions of real love, talk about what love is not, but this one actually nails the topic, by talking about it.

I liked a particular quote in the section why unconditonal love?
"It requires practice and intent to allow this energy to fully permeate our daily experience. It begins with ourselves, for without self-love, we cannot know what true love can be."

As with lots of other texts on love, this one also says, to love others, you have start by loving yourself.
For the first time I realised, the truth of that.
Would there be wars, famines and pollution across the world, if the inhabitants of this planet were truly happy, truly loved themselves, and their brothers? We all know the answer.

I think it's time, we as a civilization take a good look at ourselves, and see the way are we heading for. Is it our sanity that is making us create bombs which can destroy the planet 100 times over, or the pollution that we are creating, which guarntees our destruction in the end.

Certainly we are missing something somewhere. Somewhere we are missing the connection with ourselves, and to everything that is. For the the things that truly matter are intangilble like love , peace and compassion. You cannot see them, but you can feel them in the smile of child, a hug of mother, and in all the things that make us human beings
in reference to:
"Unconditional Love"
- The Love Foundation Unconditional Love (view on Google Sidewiki)


  1. Beautifully put! While i was still a kid, i remember how the word "LOVE" was taboo to be used and was considered a crime, as Love meant to happen just between 2 opposite sex. Then as i grew, i seen it predominantly being the only topic for all the movies but again Love being expressed only between Hero n a heroine. So i kinda feel somewhere Love as a word lost its true meaning and that is causing all the misery in this world. All the messiahs of this world who came to make this world a better place, had one common message - LOVE ALL! If this universal, unconditional love can become a part of our lives, World will be a better place!!

  2. Somewhere we are missing the connection with ourselves, and to everything that is. - How true! I think if schools taught everyone how to open the heart chakra at an early age, the world will be a better place... just peace, compassion, and all the happiness stuff.

  3. Without love there is nothing to heal the blows caused by our mean hopes and vain ambitions. Without love there is nothing to find in another but indifference, and hate. Without love there is nothing to give another; nothing to abate or ameliorate suffering in the world. Nothing to sustain the illusion of separateness. Nothing.

  4. For the other side of this story read the brilliant, but disturbing book by James Hillman, "A Terrible Love of War." He argues that the early Greek thinkers, like Heraclitus, thought that"war is the father of us all." War was, and is, the fuel of evolution and progress. Good wars, bad wars, civil wars, foreign wars, ethnic wars, genocide,and religious wars, all show how remote the concept of unconditional love is to most peoples. Perhaps, this also makes us human beings. This is one of the most unsettling, but important, books you can read.