Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spirituality on Weed!

While scouring the net for questions about spirituality, I came across this question-“Does smoking weed have any relation (good or bad) with developing deeper meditation? I know some cultures used it for spiritual purposes, but does it speed up/slow down the process of developing or tuning in?”

My first thought was. Are looking for a crutch, or are you looking for an excuse to continue smoking weed and explain the whole thing to your conscience, instead of breaking the habit?

Coincidentally, the very next day I read an article about Kumbh Mela. FYI, it’s the largest congregation of Hindus at a given time. It has a world record of it’s own cadre. It was concluded last month in Haridwar, India.
Here you would find, people thronging from all walks of life to take a dip in the holy river Ganges, to wash their sins. Along with them , you would also see Sadhus who are otherwise inconspicuous..taking the holy dip…Makes me wonder , what sins have they committed?
Anyways, while you visit the akharas of Naga Sadhus, one can have a glance of these sadhus smoking “CHILUM” (Marijuana). The consumption of bhang is also considered to be a part of the rituals performed by Naga Sadhus. The sadhus hold the view that doing so will lead them to eternity or nirvana.
I also found that in many shamanic traditions it is believed that peyote, psiloscybe mushrooms, ayahuasca and others, contain wisdom-increasing properties. It is believed that they hold sacred lessons, and an Earth intelligence that can be learned from.
I don’t know how much of that info is true about the native Americans, but for those who wish to explore drugs of any kind for spiritual purposes, do not solely rely on them for your spiritual insights and wisdoms and to access your higher self. Otherwise, you will reach a spiritual "dead end" where your only spiritual experiences are intoxicated ones which is a false path and can lead to the "psychological addiction" that shepherd warns about. This can then, in the long run, turn against you.
I think drugs can only trick the mind into thinking that it is experiencing spiritual things, I know a few people who have been on this rubbish for many years, now they have trouble sleeping and need to smoke the crap to help them sleep. It can be fun in the beginning but after a few years it can be hell.
Physical exercise and sober connection with the divine on a regular basis via meditation or whatever you do to connect is the key.Meditation is like coming home. Meditation is like a healing of a painful wound, after a long time.while weeded meditation is like you would  keep the wound open, and trying to live without pain.Someday you have to face the consequences.
Personally, I do not want to be dependent on anything external for my internal experience. When I finish doing formal sit-down meditation I get up and go about my day and the meditation experience stays with me, and I nurture it again throughout the day.

The use of drugs for spiritual development may require a person to constantly use that drug to maintain their experience. In my opinion drugs may be good for a spiritual flash in the pan but not practical for building and sustaining a lasting foundation; but that‘s just my opinion.

Good Luck!


  1. Many people who began with pot later got involved in meditation and other spiritual practices. Pot acted as a catalyst, showing them the possibility of other states of consciousness. I think a lot of the current interest in the West in Eastern philosophies is a direct result of the drug culture of the 1960s.

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  3. Well, it's great to know , that pot acted as a catalyst in their spiritual journey. The question they need to answer is - Can it take it to their destination?