Saturday, May 8, 2010

Power of Giving

One of the reasons I feel that people want others to change is that they are always thinking what am I getting out of it. They are always tuning into the WII FM station (What’s in it for me).

Now that I am thinking more and more about it, it is clear that it is coming from a feeling of lack inside them. So they are trying to change their external environment to suit the internal mental state. But this negative flow of energy of lack creates more lack and it becomes a vicious circle.

On the other hand, if we start focusing on what can we give to the other person, what can we offer , it triggers a different mental state. A state of having, a state of abundance and creates acceptance of the person as they are, which in turn creates love and affection.

So when you are in a state of giving, receiving will come automatically. There cannot be a energy deficit, negative or positive. There has to be a balance.

Infact when you expect nothing from the other person, that’s the state you should be in,. At the same time you should also think about what do you have to offer; because that’s the state of having, the state of abundance
It is true that , people might take advantage of you sometimes, but in the end it will seem miniscule in comparison to what you have achieved in your life.

So think of giving before you think of receiving.
You will be at peace, and so will be everyone around you.

Think about it…

What can you give yourself?

What can you give your mom?

What can you give your dad?

What can you give your friends?

What can you give your dear relative?

What can you give your girl friend or your wife?

What can you give your son/daughter?

What can you give your society?

The least you can give anyone starting today is your love, your acceptance, your praise , your blessing , your smile………..they don’t cost you anything , but there is nothing in this world with which you can buy any of these.

Start giving, start loving, start living……..


  1. Well written mate...I liked it...

    Difficult to follow...

  2. So true. Happiness begins when we reach outside ourselves and start shining our light on the world

  3. Thanks a lot. It is nice and keep up the good work

  4. I liked the article and the little exercise you included. I like when you get some practical with the theory. So I thought I could give you something. This comment. Keep up the good work.