Wednesday, August 25, 2010


What does freedom mean to you? Does it mean permission to do whatever you like? Does it mean, you can give hate speeches, because you have freedom of speech? Or does it mean, that we can leave our duties and go and live in a hut in a jungle.

Perhaps animals are better off, because they are born free, and the question never occurs to them. But we are social beings and we have a highly developed intelligence.We may like to think that we are alone, sailing in our own boats through life but, whatever we do, creates ripples ,and they spread out and touch many other lives. Such is the fabric of our lives.

The greatest gift we have is the power to discern and choose. Our freedom comes from our ability to act on those choices. Freedom also means that we are free to use our intellect, and to act wisely. It also includes using our freedom wisely. But, most often than not, we choose to ignore it, in the name of freedom. We choose, to do things, which bring us immediate pleasure. That is also freedom, but by doing so, we reduce ourselves to the level of animals. At those times, we choose to be guided by our senses, rather than our intellect.

We have the power to choose to evolve our consciousness to the next level, or just be as we are now. We have the freedom to act responsibly in this world, while enjoying our freedom. We have the choice, to let everyone around us enjoy their freedom.

We have the freedom .What do you choose?

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