Sunday, August 29, 2010

Secret-The Power

Best Seller Book: Secret-The Power
Best Seller Author: Rhonda Byrne
Book Type: Non Fiction, Spiritual

Hi it’s been a while since I have written about a book. There were lots of changes happening in my life, and I was also waiting for the right book to come to me. Well, that book finally happened, and the day I bought it, I had gone out without any intention of buying anything. I usually make a point, to visit the closest bookstore, no matter where I am. So last weekend, as I was strolling in the nearby market, I noticed a bookstore. Just as I entered, the shop, there it was sitting on top of the shelf, staring at me, and a voice inside me, said, you have to buy it now.

Once I came back home, I started flipping the pages, and after that started reading the first chapter, and the next, and the next, until today, when I read the last page, and it said,” The beginning”. That statement is so true because, this book can be the starting point of a new beginning of your life.

Even , if you have read “The Secret”, I think, it still makes sense to read this book, because, the secret gives you lot’s of tools and techniques and details about the Law of Attraction , but doesn’t talk much about the secret ingredient, Love.

If there is one thing that you can learn from reading “The Power”, then it is that the “Secret” to “The Power” is “Love” :)

In my opinion, the book should have been named love, but I guess, Rhonda Byrne realized that to make most people realize that the “Secret” to “The Power” is “Love”, naming it as The Power was the easiest way.

Where does Love come in the LOA equation? It comes everywhere, from start to finish. LOA is all about feeling. What we feel in a given moment determines our future more than the thoughts we think. So it’s important, to become happy, joyous, loving before we can manifest any of our desires.

Success is not the key to happiness; happiness is the key to success.
 If the Law of Attraction is a rocket heading to the stars, then it’s the fuel of love, that’s going to take it there.

What is Love?

• Love is appreciation
• Love is kindness
• Love is devotion
• Love is excitement
• Love is gratitude
• Love is giving
• Love is all that and much more.

How do we realize that we are radiating Love? It’s simple, whenever, you are feeling good and not just OK, you are radiating love.

What happens when we radiate love?
We become magnetized. A piece of iron cannot do much for itself, until we pass electricity through it. Once it’s magnetized, it can lift more than its own weight.Love is the energy, that charges us, gives us excitement, exuberance and happiness.Once we get into the frequency of love, we become like magnets attracting all good things to us.

Can I attract money, health, good looks, the perfect partner, into my life?
Of course we can, Love is the highest and the greatest in us. Whatever, we lack in our lives, is because of lack of our love in that area.If you don’t have money and have trouble making ends meet, it’s probably because you have some negative beliefs about money. Nothing is bad in this world, only our thinking makes it so.If you do not like your body, start loving it now. If you think love has died in your relationship, start loving your partner now. You have to give to receive, that’s the law of love.

So we should love ourselves, our bodies and everything around us. Everything in this world is a miracle, right from the existence of our planet, to your existence. Everything is a gift to you from the creator. It’s time, we expressed some gratitude.

Rhonda Byrne has shown in her books, that there is a better way to live. Life is not meant to be struggle. It just reflects back our own mental attitudes and deep seated beliefs.We have the power to transform our lives. Everybody has been born with the gift of love. This gift is like a magic wand that can turn everything into gold.

It is the gift that puts us in touch with the source of life and fills our lives with joy.
Living in joy is the true purpose of our life :)


  1. Personally, I disliked "The Secret" very much. Indeed its sole purpose seemed to be that you can fulfill all your desires for more"stuff" and more power in life by just wanting it badly enough. This is not only a childish wish-fulfillment fantasy promulgated by a few
    driven, fortunate men of the late 19th and 20th century, but it is hardly real world system. So, I'm glad to see Rhonda Byrne has in her new book seemingly come to her senses and abandoned the old free-enterprise seminar-driven message that made her famous. Love is not "stuff" and it is not "power" and it cannot be wished for. Quite simply, like earn love by giving it to others. This, of course, is the most ancient message in the world.
    If it is nicely packaged one more time, so much the better.

  2. Hi!..This was really well explained..! Im so exited to buy the copy now.. By hook or by crook I'll fetch my copy by tomo and wil start reading too..!!