Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mind Power for Academics

Hello friends,
It's been a long time since I have blogged, and it's feeling really good to be back on this page :)
Yes, work took up a lot of time, and so did marriage. Yes, I got married in Feb 2011, to a wonderful woman, and we are really happy together
So , sitting in my chair today evening, I once again went through the forums in Orkut and I found a question , which I felt ,I could answer.
The question was "i am a high school student.i want to use my mind power in studies-like to solve complex problems. how do i do that?? plz tell me. it shall be of great help. "

Here is my answer:
I understand that you are anxious to make your academic life easier, by having the ability to solve problems quicker than your classmates using your mind power.

The first thing that we need to realise is that , problems will always be there in our lives, whether we like it or not. They will be there in every sphere of our lives, academics, business, work, relationships etc.
Most of the time, we treat problems like irritants. We do not like them. We want a trouble free life. But it's life that gives us these so called troubles to polish us and bring out the best in us.So , there is no need to get anxious about problems in our lives

So , the wise thing to do is , whenever you encounter a problem, be happy. Put on a big smile, because, life is giving you a special opportunity. And if you can sieze it, then you know, you have achieved something, and have taken one step closer to your destiny.

The power of a man, lies in the power of his mind. The power of his mind , lies in the power of his subconscious mind. The power of the subconscious mind, lies in the beliefs that the man holds, and those are the keys to his destiny.

So ,believe that, since a problem has been offered to you, there is a solution. Otherwise, life wouldn't have given this opportunity to you. By solving a particular complex problem yourself, life is preparing you for another opportunity, which will come to you, in due course of time. Beleive there is a solution. Take up more and more complex problems, believing you have the solution. The more problems you solve, the easier it will be for you to solve new problems. In case,you are not able to solve a problem, after repeated efforts, turn to your guru/teacher. Seek their help , learn from them, learn their approach.

Soon, you will have your own approach, and problems will be like childs play.


  1. Very Beautifully put! Yes , it is the beliefs' that help us to carry ourselves through in this world! They say,When the ONE within you believes in YOU, even if Nobody else believes in YOU, there is NO force that can stop you from still crossing the Finishing Line. And most importantly the belief that you hold at the beginning of your journey will define your journey.

  2. Nice choice of words Vasudha :).."When the ONE within you believes in YOU"..which means.. you have an awareness, about your own consciousness, and your thoughts...beautiful
    Beliefs are also framed by our values that we hold dear to us.So , at the beginning of the journey,if we have the right values..and live by them, then they will define our journey and our destination :)

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