Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Increase Confidence Through Mind Power

Hello friends,
How  are you?
I came across this question about increasing confidence through mindpower, in the mindpower forum in Orkut.
"low self-confidence,please help
hello friends
i will be very glad if u ppl pls comment on my problem
my problem is that i've a very low self confidence.during presentations i become very nervous.m always worried abt the fact that wat others wud thing.wat if they laugh at me
my group discussion ability is zero.in abt a year i ve to face interviews
i dont know wat will happen to me.even presently m so feeling so nervous to write abt this
1nce in a week we hav class on soft skill.i always avoid that class
bcoz our teacher gives us a topic and we hav to speak on that
and it happnd 1nce that she called me and i cudnt speak a single word and i had to go back
it was very embarassing.m gud at english,m gud in gk.bt still i becum very nervous
sumtyms i feel ashamed of myself
even in my grp of frnds when 5-6 ppls speak my mouth automatically shuts
whn sum1 say sumthng wrng i cant evn fight back and many of my opponents uses this advantage
when its a grp activity i can nevr communicate to put 4wrd my ideas
i jst do wat the grp decides

i cant stay like this

Here is my response:
If you were to list out the thoughts that run through your mind through out the day, you would probably find that most of them are anxious thoughts are "what if " thoughts. ie,, what would happen if so n so happens..
Man is the sum total of his thoughts. If you have more thoughts of anxiety.. then you would be a nervous person full of anxiety. On the other hand, if your thoughts are focused on "I can" .. your mind will become full of possibilities, and you would be brimming with confidence.

Mind power doesn't judge whther our thoughts are positive or negative.
It just does, what we think about the most.

I think you have spent quite a few years , thinking negatively, to reach this stage, so becoming confident is going to take you some time, but will happen. Just have the faith.

Now what you need to do is, write down all the good qualities you would like yourself to have.
It could be anything like happy, humorous, friendly, confident, loving..etc

Now when you go to sleep every night and wake up in the morning..say to yourself several times, "i am becoming..happy, humorous....day by day"
Whenever you are with friends..or about to give a presentation, say the affirmation repeatedly.
Don't get stressed, if it doesn't work the first few times.

Being postive is hard work :)

People around will amazed to see a beautiful butterfly emerging out of a cocoon, and you will  be surprised by the power of affirmations

Stay Blessed,
So friends, what do you think? Is this all she can do? or are there any more tips and tricks she can adopt to grown her self confidence phenomenaly overnight...


  1. Great Reply Anupam.. I found it perfect.. This is a very common phrase that a man is wat he thinks but nobody seem to put more attention on it.. It actually needs a lot of practice and patience.. Once you give goood amount of time on wat U want rather thn wat u dont want, u will be alble to see miracles for urself..
    Sometimes whn i Feel in ths situation, i go and find a place whre noone can hear me thn I shout at negative thoughts and say Just Shut Up and let me do wat I want.. Do hell with you and ur limitations.. I just scream out and I feel good..
    Another good thing I do is go and sit under a shower and try to think absolutely nothing.. and thn the good thoughts start coming.. Mind shd be cool to get positive and gr8 ideas.. Hope i helped u
    Good Luck.. May you get closer to ur goals as soon as possible.. :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing. I hope it will be helpful for too many people that are searching for this topic. Keep posting and keep this forum a great place to learn things.