Thursday, April 14, 2011

Unrequited Love

Hello friends,
I cam across this question about unrequited love on Deepak Chopra's blog.
"If love is the only reality and the biggest priority, what do I do with unrequited love?  I have been let go by someone I loved deeply and wanted to share a life with. Now I am overcome with grief and am finding it difficult to move on."

Here is my response:
Love is the only reality and the biggest priority, so when your love is unrequited, then it means that your love deserves a person, who would understand it and reciprocate it.
I have been on the receiving end, and I know, how painful, and heart wrenching it can be
We need to accept that, our love is unrequited, and the person, whom we want, would not come back into our lives. As long as we think he/she might come back into our live,it's difficult for us to move on. He or she is probably happy with someone else and we should be happy for them. It's better that they be happy with someone else , than be miserable with us.Love is about wanting what's best for the person you love, not what's best for you.
While going through this painful experience,it's normal to feel that , there is something lacking in us and think negatively. I know, our self image takes a beating , when a person, whom we love rejects us. But we need to stay positive, and continue to love ourselves for what we are.
Keep yourself busy in things that you love to do.Indulge yourself in your hobbies and develop new ones. Meet people, whom you haven't met in a while.
You might think, why you had to meet this person, if you were never meant to be together. At those times, remember that life is always plays fair, and we are mere puppets.
We only know about our past and our present, but life knows all.
Every life experience merely prepares us for the next experience in our future. You never know, who might come knocking at your door, one fine morning..with a heart full of love :).Make sure you are ready for it :)

Stay blessed
Friends, let me know what do you feel about unrequited love, and how did you overcome unrequited love,if you have ever been in that situation

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